DiscipleYou is our new online church discipleship tool. This is where you will find guided Bible Studies and Lessons. These studies will be set for certain dates/weeks throughout the year. We will complete one study at a time with breaks between each study. There is one session a week that can be completed at your convenience during the week listed. This is not a replacement for your Sunday morning or Wednesday evening class at church. Those are important and everyone should be a part of one of those opportunities. This is an additional resource. Even though we are trying to complete these together the most important thing is to be completing the studies.

Our goal is to have something new ongoing throughout the year. Every class has been picked specifically to help with the aspects of Spiritual Growth. You will need to enroll in each class as they start. Before enrolling in a course please click on getting started and follow the instructions to register your account. If you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected] or call 270-281-4118.