Session 1: Build My Church
Session 2: Don't Give Up
Session 3: How to Catch Perfection
Session 4: No More Fear

God’s second promise to His people, to alleviate their fear, is that Zerubbabel will become king. Of course, God’s people are still being ruled by the Persian king, Darius, and Zerubbabel is just a governor. He never becomes king. But Zerubbabel is a descendent of David and rightful heir to the throne. And, like David, he’s a link in the Messianic chain leading to Jesus, who is and will be King of kings forever. Jesus rules the universe and holds all authority. Even though He appeared weak in death, in that very moment He was conquering death. God’s promise to Zerubbabel and the glimpse of future victory gives him faith and energy to keep building – joyfully, confidently, determinedly and with great strength.