Getting Started

We are so glad that you have decided to join us on this new journey together. We know this journey may look a little different than normal and there may be some questions or minor changes along the way, but it will be beneficial for us all. Let me again say this is not a replacement for your Sunday morning or Wednesday evening class at church. Those are important and everyone should be a part of one of those opportunities. This is an additional opportunity.

We understand there are challenges of being a part of a another weekly Bible Study. It takes discipline and commitment. But we know one of the most important aspect of our lives is to grow in our walk with Jesus Christ. By offering and combining your on location opportunities, this new opportunity, and other resources you may have, it creates more options to strengthen your walk with Christ. Our goal with this new approach is to provide a learning resource that can be used at the most effective time for you or your family. You can do these studies singularly, with your spouse, and/or as a family. Each family would need to decide if children are at a age that it would also be beneficial to them. We hope it will add another tool for us to grow in our relationships with Jesus.

To participate you will need to enroll in each class as they start. After enrolling in the class you will be able to see all the information and course content. If there are materials for the class you can find them next to course listing at top under the progress bar. There will be lessons with topics that help guide you through each study. You will just click on the content and follow along. After each lesson or topic there is a place to mark complete. This will help you know what has been done. There will be a place at the end of most sessions called reflection where you can share one thing from the session and submit to us. You may occasionally see information containing grading or points information. Ignore that because nothing is graded. This is not homework it is Growthwork.(probably not a word but I made it up)

For many studies you will need a RightNow Media account that the church provides free to its members. If you have not signed up you can email [email protected] and request an invite link. We will also utilize other Bible study videos that have been purchased and those will be uploaded directly to the classroom for you to view. 

We will be trying to accomplish this journey together by completing each course simultaneously but if you miss a week or course you can go back and complete. Our prayer is for each of us to grow closer to God as we share and learn together. Let’s covenant together that we will stay committed and disciplined to complete each session. If you get behind, don’t give up, don’t ever give up, just catch up. Be praying and encouraging each other. If you need anything reach out to us or each other. If you have other concerns along the way or have a question please email [email protected]. Let’s start this journey and see what God does.